Between Art and Nature. Photographs from the collection of Carla Sozzani


The catalogue Between Art and Nature. Photographs from the past collection of Carla Sozzani, as the exhibition, shows the work of twenty-one photographers that focuses on the emotional value of diverse expressions of beauty, almost of whom have over the years featured in major exhibition at the gallery opened by Carla Sozzani in Milan in 1990.

Feautured in the exhibition are iconic plant silhouettes by Karl Blossfeldt (1965-1932), the less well-known X-ray photographs of flowers by Dr. Dain L. Tasker ( 1872-1964), elegant and sinuous still-lifes from Kenro Izu (1949) and Tom Basil ( 1952), shoots by Ernst Fuhrmann (1918-1995) that capture the animal aspect of each plant, meticulous ethnographic documentation by Edward Sheriff Curtis ( 1868-1952), the dream worlds of Annelis Štrba (1947, photographs of flocks of crows as allegory of pain by Masahisa Ukase (1934-2012), cloud studies as metaphor of life by Alfred Stiegliz ( 1964-1946), pictorials landscapes from Heinrich Kühn (1866-1944) and the self-portraits of Francesca Woodman (1958-1981), twisted in a inhospitable land. Also displayed are works by Maria Vittoria Backhaus (1942), Davis La Chapelle (1963), Sheila Metzner, (139), Sarah Moon (1941), and Max Vadukul (1961, who are just some of fashion photographers with whom Carla Sozzani revolutionized the spreads of special editions of Vogue Italia and Elle Italia with she edited in the eighties.


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