Go East by going West



Numbered edition of 1000 copies

First 50 copies are hand painted and signed by Izhar Patkin

Author : Izhar Patkin

Publisher : Carla Sozzani Editore


A beautiful prose by Pedro Cuperman leads us through the imaginary world of Izhar Patkin’s Don Quixote. Patkin elaborates his version of this famous character by celebrating his psyche in every detail: Don Quixote is portrayed with bright colors, riding his beloved horse, while holding a mirror and reading a book. Patkin creates a sculpture that is composed by single pieces, installing them and photographing them. The same can be said for the prose of Cuperman, an anthology of quotes that intends to make the reader get lost in the beautiful folds of literature and representation, a “going east by going west” indeed. The limited edition of the book, its rich layout, the fine materials and the extreme joyfulness of its details make this book something that can be read and admired at the same time.

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