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past exhibitions - milano

Yamamoto Masao

8th september 2007 - 28th october 2007

The Japanese artist Yamamoto Masao creates a new installation especially for Carla Sozzani’s Art Gallery. The work is composed by a big selection of photographs from Nakazora and A box of Ku series.
Both projects are made by photographs, mainly black and white ones, printed by traditional means on photographic paper. Each image is so small that sometimes it's hard to identify its subject. The borders are irregular, bad cut and sometimes even consumed.
The photographs are so creased that they look like those long forgotten aside and then found unexpectedly again in a purse or in an old box. The defects, bends, the paper purposely torn, a printing that is sometimes far from flawless, characterize each photograph its own way.
The value of Masao Yamamoto's work rests on single images, created with elegance, balance and precision, as well as on the whole composition, on the aesthetic and meaning that links all his photographs.
Whole Yamamoto's work is based on fragments: his photographs are small instants of everyday life and his subjects, often quite ordinary and sometimes even banal, are able to convey the artist's personal universe with deep sensitivity. At the same time, the single fragments, when collected together, create a story, an atmosphere.

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