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past exhibitions - milano

Indian photography

2nd june 2007 - 29th july 2007

The exhibition at Galleria Carla Sozzani is focused on four artists using photography: three women, Anita Dube and Sheba Chhachhi from New Delhi, Pushpamala N. from Bangalore and the photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta who lives between Goa and New Delhi. While each project has it’s own identity, they describe a specific universe with different concepts and techniques; the whole exhibition has a certain unity. A reflection on the relationship between tradition and modernity comes out and in many of the photographs we find quotes, interpretation and a new use of esthetical, social, religious and political clichés from the most widespread Indian imaginary.
Indian Photography, four voices also shows different uses and trends of contemporary photography with works that deal with the tradition of: documentary and staged (Sheba Chhachhi); portraits in b/w (Prabuddha Dasgupta); self portraits as a technique to show some stereotypes (Pushpamala N.) and the use of photography to document a performance (Anita Dube).
A complex exhibition comes out, which underlines some of the main streams in the assorted Indian creation and the different uses of photography in nowadays art making process. The relationship between diversity and similitude of each work allows the visitor to perceive an idea of the contemporary Indian scene’s richness.

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