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current exhibitions - Milano

Ren Hang, photography

13th september 2020 - 29th november 2020

The Fondazioni Sozzani presents "Ren Hang, photography" for the first time in Milan. With over eighty photographs, videos, books and magazines, the retrospective is dedicated to one of the most important photographers of contemporary China, who tragically passed away in 2017 at just twenty-­nine years old. Ren Hang's photography is a hymn to mankind's body, sexuality, beauty, and vulnerability. His images connect the feelings, desires, fears and loneliness of younger generations now in China in an almost ironic way -­ through their corporeality. The nude is at the center of his work. As Ren observed: “people come to this world naked; so the naked body represents people’s original version. By shooting nudes, you can feel the person’s real and authentic existence through their naked bodies”.

€ 6,00 Full

€ 3,00 Student (under 26)

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